It's nice to meet you, I am Ventana, your personal shopping companion

Ventana is a Fashion Mobile App that uses image recognition to search and curate near-matches, from different brands, for you to choose.  With Ventana you can identify and purchase apparel anywhere, anytime, simply by snapping a picture with your smart device.

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Let's change how we shop for fashion, one picture at a time

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About Us

This is our story

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We set out to

Revolutionize retail by bringing the on-line shopping experience into your hands, creating a truly personal experience.

Why we Design

We are passionate about Fashion, but mostly, we are passionate about YOU. We designed Ventana with you in mind.

Why we Coffee

Need we say more?

Why we Ventana

We aim to provide a truly personal shopping experience that is tailored to you, by you.


Everything about Ventana revolves around you


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